Next auction scheduled for:  Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 10:00am.

Our auctions are held approximately twice yearly, more often if the situation demands.  All of our auctions thoroughly conform to Florida’s self storage lien laws and are held on a Thursday starting promptly at 10:00am. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to allow time to register and to listen to the procedural rules read by our auctioneer.  Starting at 10:00am the auctioneer and one of the facility staff will take potential bidders to each unit up for auction.

Facility staff will open the unit door and the auctioneer will read from a list of property visible from outside the door.  Bidders will be given adequate time to carefully view unit’s contents, but property must not be touched or disturbed by a bidder or anyone else, nor may anyone enter the unit; a bid is made on what can be seen from outside the unit and the bidder’s estimation of value within a unit.  The auctioneer will take bids and the highest bidder noted and accepted.

After all auction units have been viewed those with accepted bids will return to our facility office, sign appropriate documents, pay the bid amount  (cash or credit card only) and leave a $25.00 cash deposit for each unit the particular bidder has won.  At this point a bidder legally owns all property within the unit. The $25.00 deposit is returned after the unit has been cleared out by the bidder.   All property from a unit must be completely removed from our facility premises by the bidder claiming the unit.

A successful bidder must clear out the unit by the end of the business day.  However, we can be flexible depending on circumstances but all must be completed before 5:00pm the following day.